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Tricks You Can Try Getting Baby To Sleep

It is very difficult to manage an infant especially when you are a first-time mother. You don’t understand how to tackle all the daily tasks associated with your baby- you are baffled while bathing him, caring him, feeding him. But the trickiest part is to make your kid sleep. You are all jaded when the time comes to get him sleep. The first and foremost way to make him sleep is to get him adapt himself to good sleeping habits. It is difficult for the infants to adapt themselves to an ambiance that is so different from his mother’s peaceful womb. It takes time to get habituated with this world. When he finally does, he sleeps comfortably and also gives you comfort.

There are different opinions about how to make the baby sleep. However there is no single highly effective tip to do that. But you must try out several ways to see what suits your baby best. You have to make your baby transition between his sleep and his wakefulness. If he finds this himself, he will fall asleep without aids from you. He is creating a timetable of falling asleep. The tips given below can help you to determine the best way possible to make your baby to feel transition. However, the best way out there is to rely on your intuitions.

Fathering down is a wonderful way. Fathering down is referred to the one when dad is around just before he is going to bed. Let dad cradle his child. The child’s head should rest on dad’s neck. While nurturing the baby thus, the father must talk to him in a soothing tone. Since the male voice pitch is deeper than the female’s, dad’s voice would be best for the kid to soothe him to fall asleep.

An option that has come up recently is ‘driving down’. It instructs to put the kid in his car seat and driving round for a short time, till he dozes off. But this method is inconvenient, spending the petrol. But if your baby doesn’t adapt to any other methods, you can try this one. It is observed that this is a very effective tip.

Even if these methods call for success, you are unable or rather are reluctant to drive around each night just to make your baby sleep. But you can go for them as these techniques basically make the baby learn the feel of dozing off. Once the baby gets habituated, you can get out of these drastic methods. You can later on replace driving car with rocking the baby in bassinet. The basic thing is to make the baby apprehend to transition into sleep. So you need to be a bit patient because you can’t expect your child to learn that all of a sudden.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby Sleep Tips - The Ferber Method

One of the most important things in getting you baby to sleep properly is for your baby to learn to sleep on his or her own. The reason it is so difficult for many parents - why parents of a newborn suffer from so many sleepless nights - is because your baby, at first, isn't used to sleeping on his own, and when he wakes up in the night he cries for his mother: being in the presence of his mother is only way he knows how to get to sleep. It is natural that this transition from sleeping with the mother, to sleeping on his own, will take some time for your baby. Many baby sleep tips involve setting up a strict nighttime routine, and introducing objects - such as stuffed animals - into the bed that your baby can associate with sleep. If you find after some months that your baby is still not able to sleep on his own, you can try what is known as the Ferber method.

Invented by Dr. Richard Ferber, the Ferber method is the most common way of weaning your child away from the mother, in terms of his sleep habits. It is usually successful within a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, it is important that you choose a week where you can afford to lose some sleep to begin the Ferber method. Especially at the beginning of the process, the Ferber method does require that you spend a lot of time listening to your baby crying, and if you attempt it at a time when you are desperate to sleep, you run the risk of breaking down and allowing your child to sleep with you, or sleeping in the room with him. If you do so you risk undoing a lot of work that you will have put into the method.

The first night you attempt the Ferber method, put your child to bed as you normally do. Your baby should be tired but still awake when you put him to bed, so that he is left to fall asleep on his own. After you leave the room, the baby will inevitably start crying. Allow him to cry for about 5 minutes, then re-enter the room to console him. It's important that you stay in the room for only a short time - even if he is still crying - and that you don't pick him up or rock him. This second time you leave the room, wait 10 minutes before returning in the same manner. The third time wait 15 minutes, and set this as a maximum wait time for the rest of the night.

Every time thereafter, enter the room briefly and then allow your child to cry for 15 minutes. Eventually, he will fall asleep on his own during one of the 15 minute intervals in which you are out of the room. The second night, you should begin with a 10 minute wait before re-entering the room, followed by 15 and then 20 minutes. In a similar fashion, increase your initial and subsequent wait times by 5 minutes each night.

Using this method your child will soon learn to go to sleep on his own. Although it can be difficult to listen to your baby cry, understand that the Ferber method is a safe and effective way of getting your baby to learn to sleep on his own.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Caring For Baby's Clothes

New parents are full of concerns about what regular household activities may pose a threat or present problems for their newest family member. At some point the question about the best ways to wash baby clothing will arise. Parents typically ask whether there is a certain type off detergent that they should use, whether it is safe to wash baby clothes with the rest of the family's clothing and what special steps should be taken with cloth diapers if they are being used.


This is a valid concern. It is not atypical for certain detergents to irritate the skin of adults and older children, so it is certainly feasible that a baby's tender and sensitive skin can be easily irritated by harsh detergents. There are several detergents on the market that are supposedly intended for baby's clothing, but there is not much difference between them and other mild detergents. The best choice for parents to make in this area is to purchase mild detergent that is free from added colors and fragrances and wash the clothing in that. If the baby does develop a rash or seems to be experiencing skin discomfort of any kind, the first thing to do is consult the family pediatrician. The doctor may simply recommend that a different detergent be used, but will also be able to determine if there is a more serious problem.

Washing Baby Clothes with Family Clothes

Some parents feel that the baby's clothing needs to be washed separately from that of the rest of the family. The rationale for this is that the other family members' clothing could somehow taint or contaminate the baby's. There is no reason to worry about this and it is perfectly safe to wash baby's clothes and bedding along with everyone else's. The exception to this rule is cloth diapers. If parents are using cloth diapers and washing them at home rather than using a diaper service, they must be washed apart from everything else.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are fading into memory, replaced by the more convenient disposable brands that are on the market. For families that choose to use these, however, there are some special considerations. The most sanitary way to utilize reusable cloth diapers is to contract a diaper service. This will take away the hassle of washing the diapers at home and ensure that the replacement diapers are sterile. For families that choose to wash at home, the previous paragraph details that they should be kept separate from all other laundry. Storing the diapers until wash time must be done as sanitarily as possible. This means rinsing the cloth diaper in the toilet to remove solid wastes, then storing it in a pail until it is time to be washed. The pail should be covered to prevent odor and lined with a disposable or washable liner. The pail, lid, and liner should be cleaned whenever the diapers are and the soiled diapers should be washed at least twice weekly.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are You at a Loss on How to Find a Unique Baby Gift?

Purchasing the unique baby gift may be viewed upon in two manners. Some people see it as a perfect pleasure while others see it as an impossible task. The task remains the same whether it is a family member, friend, or work colleague bearing the new bundle. But with our already time consuming schedules how are we suppose to find the time to think up extravagant gift ideas? It is simple with a few small seconds of thought and a little personalization every baby gift may become a unique baby gift. If you still don’t have enough time for a seconds thought follow a few of the gift ideas below and you will be guaranteed to satisfy.

  1. Personalized gift baskets: Gift baskets are probably one of the most popular present ideas available, so how will you make sure yours is unique? Everyday items such as diapers, wipes, lotion, and talc can be presented in a stylish diaper bag keeping both mommy and baby happy. Themes help evoke inspiration for your baskets. Choose to design your basket around specific themes including bath time, bedtime, or educational toys. An innovative idea for a bath time basket would be to use a portable baby bath as the basket and fill it with lots of baby products such as soap, shampoo, baby oil and bubble bath, also add a few relaxing treats for mommy as well to receive extra appreciation.
  2. Nursery Furnishings: When it comes to decorating a nursery a parent wants items that combine with their chosen theme or color scheme. Inquire what their design intention will be then look for unusual gifts such as clocks, lamps, wall hangings or baby mobiles that would compliment this. A more practical idea like a baby monitor is always a welcome gift to any new nursery.
  3. Milestone Keepsakes: Specialized books designed to hold all your babies first moments make wonderful gifts for parents and baby alike. The unique opportunity to store all their precious first moments such as first hair cut, footprint and lost tooth together with a vast amount of snapshots ensures they receive a gift that is priceless.
  4. Engrave Gifts: No matter how small or large a gift is, making the effort to customize it with personal details like their name, date or time of birth and weight will always add that extra special touch. Great gift ideas for engraving are picture frames, identity bracelets and small keep sake boxes.
  5. Open a personal savings account . When thinking of a truly unique and smart present for any baby why not consider opening a personal savings account for them? By depositing the money you would usually spend on the child in the form of presents you will help teach the child the benefits of savings from an early age. Opportunities such as Birthdays, Christmas, and other special events in the Childs life may be used to make additional deposits into this account. Try ensuring the child will not have access to the monies deposited in the account until they reach the age of 21, this way you will be guaranteeing them an extra boost when they are starting out in life. This truly is a unique gift.
  6. Invest in Shares Investing in stock shares is a great way to teach young children an amazing lesson. Simply by purchasing one or a couple of shares holding interest in the Childs life you will lead them on the correct path of investment. Stocks in child orientated business such as Disneyworld or a Cartoon Network are great ideas for young children as they are able to associate with it. You can continue to purchase shares in companies for them on special occasions until around their 18th birthday including the child on investment decisions as they get older. The amount you spend on stock investment need not be substantial it is the teaching method and investment awareness that it will instill in the child that makes this gift truly unique. It is overwhelmingly evident that finding the unique gift for any baby need not be as difficult as it may first appear. Investing just a little effort and research, you are guaranteed to give a great gift.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Buying an Appropriate Baby Gift

When shopping for baby gifts, it really depends on what your goal is. Are you shopping for baby gifts for new parents who are just starting out? Are you offering baby gifts that will be useful, or just fun? Perhaps you want to give a baby gift that is memorable and will be passed down from generation to generation. The possibilities are endless.

When shopping for an appropriate baby gift, you may not know exactly what to purchase, especially if you are not a parent and have never been around children or babies. There are so many options to choose from when shopping for baby gifts that it can also become very overwhelming, even for the new parents. The options for baby gifts range from clothing, toys, bathing essentials, baby gear, bedding, and just about anything else you can imagine. Because the parents of a new baby are going to have a lot of expenses getting any gift will make them happy. But you may still be wondering what the appropriate baby gifts are.

One idea for an extremely appropriate baby gift is a personalized blanket or quilt. This is something that the parents will use throughout the baby’s infancy and will “grow up” with the child. A personalized quilt will be used in the crib, on the bed, and the baby may even end up becoming an adult and giving it to his or her own child! A new baby blanket is a wonderful baby gift as well as a keepsake.

If you are thinking of something more practical in the baby gifts arena, ask the parents what they could use the most. Perhaps the parents have made it easy on you and set up a gift registry with a list of baby items that are needed. A baby gift registry is really the easiest way to choose and give baby gifts. You can easily view most baby gift registries online, or visit the store in person. The items are listed and you just choose what you want to give! Nothing could be easier.

If you want to give appropriate baby gifts but do not want to take the route of a personalized baby blanket or the gift registry, you can make up your own baby gift basket. There are so many baby items out there that this is very easy. One idea would be to go with a baby bath time theme. In such a gift scheme you could include a baby comb and brush, baby bath wash, washcloths, towels, baby skincare items, and an array of bath toys. In fact, you could purchase all these items and place them in an infant bathtub. Don’t forget the rubber ducky!

When shopping for baby gifts, there really is no inappropriate baby gift. Just remember to keep in mind that you should go for entertainment value as well as the practical items. Babies need so much, and so do the parents, that shopping for baby gifts really is a snap once you get used to the idea.

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